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Each year millions engage with the world through immersive travel and volunteer experiences that challenge, inspire, expand, and awaken — explorations that open their hearts and minds to what they can achieve.

What if we could capture their drive and sense of what’s possible and leverage it in service of others to raise funds for today’s most pressing problems and critical needs?

 JourneyGives™ does that.

We’re a nonprofit on a mission to empower active people to make philanthropy a part of their individual lifestyles. We do this in two ways:

1. We provide a powerful, free crowdfunding tool for anyone who wants to add fundraising to their own travels, volunteer work, or other commitments.

Here is where your own activity can support your own cause:

2. We create expeditions giving intrepid travelers the ability to combine their passion for adventure with raising financial support for the causes that matter to them most.

Here’s more about our journeys, from our partner, Giving Journeys:.

Here’s more about our fundraising tools:

Here is where you can support those who journey to raise funds for worthy causes: