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Your Own Activity, Your Own Cause

So how do we do a better job of living in the world and improving lives? How do we ensure that we have impact and truly make a difference?

Do you have a cause for which you wish you could do more?

  • Are you a volunteer who would like to give more than your time to that cause?
  • Are you a supporter who would love to steer more donations to that cause?

That’s great! Journey Gives™ is here to help you.

How? You start by doing something others will want to hear about. Maybe by:

  • Volunteering — joining an environmental cleanup; building affordable housing; pitching in at an animal rescue center; working at a food pantry; handing out water at a charity running event; etc.
  • Traveling — just about anywhere
  • Striving for a personal goal — pounds lost; miles covered; books read; states visited; birds counted; etc.

Then, when you’re ready to start telling folks what you’re doing, we will set you up with your own personalized crowdfunding web page.

What’s a crowdfunding web page? It’s a page on the internet where people can donate funds for the cause you want to support. We’ll set it up for you. You’ll then add your own text and pictures. When you’re satisfied with it, you can then send the link to as many — or as few — potential donors as you wish. It even comes with built-in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sharing, all optional, of course.

100% of every dollar contributed to your page goes to work for a nonprofit: 95% to your nonprofit mission-driven organization of choice, and 5% to Journey Gives, Inc. (That’s us! We’re a nonprofit, too. We use that fraction cover the unavoidable portion of our costs – credit card processing fees, database fees, internet service, and so on.)

At the bottom of this page are some examples.

Ready to start? No commitment, just go here.

Click on any one to see it live.

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