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Your Fundraising Page

Okay, here’s the process. It’s pretty simple.

  1. You tell us who you are and what nonprofit you want to support.
  2. We verify that the nonprofit is
    • IRS qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions
    • Not a political or religious organization
  3. We set up your individual fundraising page at Kindful, our nonprofit nuts-and-bolts provider.
  4. We send you an invitation to set up a login and password for your page.
  5. You log on and personalize the page. When you’re satisfied with it, you tell us to make it live.
  6. We turn it on, and you start directing people to it.
  7. Tax-deductible donations come rolling in. We process them and acknowledge each donor.
    • You can use our standard IRS-compliant acknowledgement form, or you can personalize it.
  8. We send you regular donation reports with name, amount, and contact info for each donor.
  9. When you say it’s time to do it, we send a check to your designated nonprofit in your name.
    • Note that because Journey Gives is an IRS approved 501-c-3, each of your individual donors will be able to deduct their donations to Journey Gives. Thus  when we send the accumulated donations to your designated nonprofit, there will be no additional tax acknowledgement by the designated nonprofit. Don’t worry, they’re quite used to this procedure.
  10. We will keep your fundraising page live and open for donations until you tell us to stop.

Game to try? Great! Start by filling out this form. It’s Step 1 from above:

About you:

About the nonprofit you want to support:

If you know it. If not, Click on "Charity Check Search" below to find your nonprofit's EIN, then enter it here. If you still can't find it, leave it blank and we'll try to find it for you.