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What We Do

This is our mission at JourneyGives™ and here’s how it works:

We give intrepid travelers the ability to combine their passion for adventure with raising financial support for the causes that matter to them most.


So, when they’re ascending the heights of Kilimanjaro, trekking the Basque Coast, or fly-fishing western Alaska, they’re raising donations for a charitable organization of their own choice — one that’s working to find a cure, alleviate poverty, aid disaster recovery, protect the environment, improve education, and more.


Our travelers designate the charity and often make their trip in honor, in celebration, or in memory of someone close to them. Many carry yellow ribbons in those name(s) on their chosen journey.


This is about scaling up. They use the event of their individual trip to create a community of givers. By reaching out to family, friends, and online connections — before, during, and after the trip — they raise awareness around a critical need. They share their personal journey. They turn an individual and meaningful endeavor into something more: a collective and crucial mission.


100% of every dollar raised goes to work for a nonprofit: 95% to the traveler’s nonprofit mission-driven organization of choice, and 5% to Journey Gives, Inc. (That’s us! We’re a nonprofit, too. We use that fraction cover the unavoidable portion of our costs – credit card processing fees, database fees, internet service, and so on.)


That’s it. We charge you nothing. We don’t even require that you donate funds yourself. All we do is make it easy for you to raise awareness and money for the cause of your choice. We’ll set you up with a customized fundraising page with all the trimmings. All you’ll have to do is send the link to whoever you want to see it: friends and family, Facebook friends, colleagues — you decide. And it really works. Click here for some current examples.


You know how a memorable trip can change your life. JourneyGives™ allows you to change the lives of many. Turn your next journey into a fundraising challenge. Pick a trip. Pick a cause. We’ll help you do the rest.